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Are you tired of having a stable partner? Do you find an interesting job that is having an affair with some women? As a male companion, you need to join our gigolo club. There is a huge list of customers who are dissatisfied with their sexual life and need to be dating because of their sexual desire. You are ready to pay for it. Isn’t it an exciting job? If you are interested in working as a male escort, join our club. There is no registration fee.

why should you join us:-
1. our agency is Operating this network since 2006
2. we offer affordable services to start up with.
3. we don’t shares our members,s details with any third person
Or to anyone.
4. we don’t attend to unknown clients, who feel insecure or hesitate to share their Details.
5. we don’t attend LBGT clients. (L-lesbian,G-gay,B-Bisexual,T-transexual)
6. we don’t attend STD affected clients

Candidate’s Eligibility:-
1. candidate should know HINDI or ENGLISH (Must).
2. should be well mannered and decent.
3. Have To dresses up according to occasions.
4. candidate need to be clean and be hygenic.
5. candidate must not be an addict to drugs or alcohol.
6. candidate must not be affected by S.T.D.(sexual transmitted ceases)

1. In case the information given by you is found incorrect or wrong in any aspect, your registration will be cancelled.
2. if you try to contact any Client or member after your job is finished or without permission, your registration will be cancelled.
3. if any complaint comes from the Client regarding BLACKMAILING, MISBEHAVE OR ABUSE, YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE CANCELLED, WITHOUT ANY consideration.
4. Any Spywares like CAMERA, VOICE RECORDER, LOCATION TRACER, GPS Found from you at this time of the job,
Your registration will be cancelled.
5. Any DRUGS or ARMS found from you at the time of your job, your registration will be cancelled.

For more information visit or call +91 7438074097